What is verbal abuse? Verbal abuse is the use of words or voice to control or hurt another person. It can be directed at you, your children, or your friends. Verbal abuse includes but is not limited to:
  • Threats to kill, or use violence
  • False accusations of infidelity, or cheating
  • Crude Name calling
  • Leaving nasty or threatening messages on voice mail or answering machine
  • Making statements like:
    • "You're dumb"
    • "You're stupid"
    • "You're ugly"
    • "You can't do anything right"
    • "No one else would have you"
    • "Whose baby is it?"
  • Laughing at you
  • Excessive hurtful sarcasism
This is not a comprehensive list. If you are conserned about your partner's actions or something is happening that is frigtening you, it may be abuse. Please contact us to discuss your conserns.

Remember no one asks to be abused and domestic violence is never the fault of the victim.